Oil Cleanse for dry skin

Oil Cleanse for dry skin

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Oil Cleanse for dry skin

Have you ever heard of this method? There are so many benefits to oil cleansing!

Oil cleansing can completely replace your soap.

The benefits: balances pH - soap can strip the natural oils and the result can cause your skin to under produce oils and causing an imbalance in your skin’s pH

-Minimizes pores + dark spots

-Evens out skin tone

-Effective makeup remover

-Makes skin glow + supple

-Reduces break outs + blackheads

-Spa session at home :)

Crystal infused options:

Clear quartz benefits: brings body back into balance. Promotes + amplifies good energies, while dispelling negative energies.

Amethyst benefits: can ease headaches. Cleanses aura + raises vibration. Settles stress + anxiety.


Lightly massage oil into skin for 1-3 minutes in small circles for proper circulation. Run a washcloth under warm/hot water and apply to face to open up your pores. Leave on till cool. You can repeat this step multiple times.

*Wipe off all oil. Leaving oil on can result in a breakout


Ingredients: Hemp seed oil*, Argan oil*, Calendula* infused sunflower oil*, Castor oil*,

 Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol)

*denotes organic  ingredient

All oils used are organic, cold pressed + unrefined


“Nature Derived's Oil Cleanse is a game changer! I had been using an oil based cleanser previously and it hadn't cleared my face like this has. While I did have the first week or so of brining some underlying gunk up to the surface and having some breakouts, after those went away my skin, honestly, has never looked clearer. I even got a few compliments that my skin looked really good and glow-y! While I've never struggled severely with acne, I have always had dry and oily skin, so glow-y wasn't a word I've ever heard about my face unless it had to do with the oil sitting on it after a full day, which isn't the type of glow anyone goes for. I highly recommend this product and knowing it's made from all natural ingredients makes me love it even more!”

-Hollie Stark

"I have naturally oily skin that is semi prone to breaking out. Cream cleansers never worked for me but I couldn't use products that dried me out too much or else I'd over produce oil. Nature Derived's oil cleanse is absolutely perfect for my skin and leaves it soft and supple - not overly oily or pimply. I have been using it for about 3 months and definitely noticed a difference. I cleanse with the oil once or twice a day, about 4 times a week. I love that it's made from completely natural ingredients and that it does so well with my skin!"

-Brianna Armignacco


"I have heard a lot about oil cleansing but always felt really nervous to use it, thinking that it would make me break out. Then I saw what Nature Derived was offering and I couldn’t pass up the chance to at least test it. The results? Incredible!! In just a few weeks my pores are smaller and my skin is glowing. I literally am astonished at how bright my skin is after I wash it. Hey there gorgeous!! I also love the warm washcloth on my face, feels like a mini facial every night. Highly recommend!"

-Lauren Bentley


"I loved the oil cleansing method so much that now I am using different oils on my face, and my face is loving it.  I feel like soap was a lot harsher for me… because my skin is super sensitive.  The oil even took my makeup off which was an added plus! My pores look like they have “Filled” up, no longer super open and visible. My skin looks clearer and is more smooth! My face feels softer and less bumpy/dry."

-Marisa Conte


"I have drier skin, more sensitive skin and am recovering from years of breakouts, redness and acne.  I have been looking for a good product for my skin for the last couple of years.  The difficult thing with my skin is after I cleanse, tone and apply moisturizer - my skin absorbs the moisture so quickly and leaves my skin again.  Once I tried Kristina's oil made specifically for my skin type - the first time I tried it I could feel a difference with my skin already.  It smoothed and balanced my complexion, moisturizing my skin and does the BEST job of removing makeup, dirt and other residue.  I've done oil cleansing in the past and know my skin LOVES it and so glad I'm doing it again.  Any skin type can benefit from this product and it makes such a difference for me! Thanks Kristina!"

-Kayla Yeo


"My skin has felt so much more NORMAL! It's not dried out, way softer, and tone has been much brighter. this totally made me realize I was probably using too harsh of cleansers prior, causing me to scrub off too much of my natural skin cells.  So in love with this product!"

-Natalie Brite


"I have several autoimmune issues and in the past few years my skin has become very dry. I have tried many cleansers and moisturizers, many with harsh chemicals, but the dryness persisted. After trying Kristina's oil cleanse, I am ecstatic to report that my skin has never been more supple, softer, or brighter. The directions were simple and only a small amount of oil is needed at each application. I am also happy that there are no harsh chemicals in her products. The only thing that would make this better is if Kristina could visit my home daily to complete this spa like treatment. I have found my forever skincare regimen and will be suggesting Kristina's products to all my friends!"

-Renee Burke


"Since using Kristina’s oil cleanse, I have noticed a significant change in my skin! In the first three weeks of use, the redness decreased, evening out my skin tone. Break outs that I was having prior to use were clearing up, and my skin has simply just shifted into one that looks healthy! I feel like I am literally glowing from the inside out!

You have to get your hands on this magical cleanse!"                                                 

-Teri Gosselin


"When offered the opportunity to test out the Nature Derived's Oil Cleanse, I was so excited to try out the product! Using the specially formulated for my super sensitive skin cleanse, I have found that my skin is much more soft, supple, and has a lovely dewy glow. If you're searching for an all-natural, good-for-you approach to cleansing your skin, kick the soap outta your regimen & step into a new balance with this Oil Cleanse!"

-Emilia Ruiz AngelFire Creative, Owner


"My skin has had less breakouts, less redness, less dryness and less oiliness. More balanced overall."

-Beth Bogren

“I don’t have many issues with my skin (or so I thought), just a little dryness. I was interested in this product because it was very reasonably priced and I don’t have a daily skin care regiment. Since I have started using Kristina’s oil cleanse, my skin is so soft and complexion is smooth and even. I was surprised with my results and look forward to continuing the oil cleanse as my daily regiment!! Thank you Kristina”

-Sabrina Allee

“I have been using this oil cleanse for a month now…it’s my nightly cleansing routine…it’s unbelieveable!! It has gotten rid of blackheads, that previous products didn’t do and it has helped with my dry skin, which I no longer have. I love how it feels on my face and I see the great results. I will continue to use this products, it truly is an amazing oil cleanse! Great job, Kristina ~ keep giving us your wonderful products!! You have a loyal and forever customer!”

-Linda Demato

“I have to say that the oil cleanser has been so amazing for my skin. In the last few weeks I have seen reduced redness and more moisture. It has been awesome!”

-Luisa Botticella


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