Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

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Washing your hair can wait another day!

Who has time to wash and style their hair every day?

When we wash our hair daily we are risking stripping the natural oils from our hair. Over time this can cause hair to become damaged, brittle and very dry.

This dry shampoo absorbs excess oils, sweat and dirt leaving your hair clean and fresh! This product also adds volume! It does not contain butane or propane (YES the commercial dry shampoos contain these harmful and flammable ingredients)! It works on ALL hair colors!

Scent: cocoa powder =)


** Dry shampoo comes in 5 variations**

- 1 oz jar      - 2 oz jar      - .47 oz powder pump bottle (aerosol free) -1.18 oz powder pump bottle (aerosol free) 2.71 oz powder pump bottle (aerosol free)


This product is also TALC FREE

Ingredients: Arrowroot powder*, Kaolin clay, Bamboo extract, Cacao powder*

*Organic ingredient

-A HUGE THANK YOU to all the ladies that have participated and sent me their before/after photos!!-


"I only wash my hair usually once a week, sometimes twice, so my hair gets oily! While I do have thick hair, which helps hide natural oils my roots and my part are awful! I can see the grease that builds up on them. I've used countless products from the store before and they always leave build up and have such a strong chemically smell that I'm not a fan.

When I heard of this natural dry shampoo though things change. It only takes 3-4 dabs on a medium sized makeup brush for me. I'll post photos too and the difference can be easily seen.

I let a friend with dark hair try it too as she always has the problem of dry shampoo leaving whiteness all about her hair. While I don't have photos of that, she was shocked to see that it didn't and that it blended right into her hair after applying and shaking around!

This stuff is awesome and I'll definitely be buying more when I run out in the future!!"

-Hollie Stark


"This product is awesome! My hair is very oily. If I wash it at night, it's greasy when I get up in the morning. Any dry shampoo I've ever used has made my hair feel sticky but still appear greasy. This works so well. It doesn't make my hair feel like there's anything in it. It just feels like clean hair. It gives my hair more volume as well. I haven't washed it today but met a friend for breakfast and he asked me if I had blown my hair out this morning! So happy to have found this! 10/10!"

-Meg Collins


"I love the dry shampoo!! It gave my hair tons of volume and soaked up all of the oil and grease I had going on. I love that the smell is very natural and not overpowering. A little goes a long way so I will have it for a very long time. I also love that it comes in a jar and that it's not something I'm spraying onto my hair."

-Brianna Marie


"Kristina is an amazingly beautiful soul that infuses love and compassion into all of the products she makes. Her dry shampoo and hairspray have completely changed the way I feel about my hair in such beautiful ways. My hair is so much more healthier because of Kristina. People ask me all of the time how my hair looks the way it does (because it was short, dead, and over dyed) and I attribute my consistent use of Kristina's organic products to the health of my hair. Her products are absolute game changers and completely made with love. You can't go wrong."

-Marisa Conte


" I'm so in love with the dry shampoo!!! I've tried several different ones in the past and I can confidently say this is THEE ONE! It's scent free which I LOVE because there is so many dry shampoos out there that leave your hair with an unpleasant smell. There was also no white residue, it soaked up the oil nicely and it didn't leave my hair feeling heavy/grimy. I also love the fact that I know where it's coming from and it's made with love. No big factory or corporation, NO harmful chemicals. Thank you to Kristina for making such wonderful high quality products and sharing them with us!"

-Jenni Baum

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